In order to meet the increasing needs of transport service market, Saigon Express Co., Ltd – previously Enterprise with over 10 years of experiences in the business of high-class passenger cars, real estate, etc. has invested in the project Saigon Taxi Trucks to develop transport services including all-in removals, all-in office removals, commodity transport, workshop & warehouse removals, and so on.

These services are pretty mobile and convenient, creating favourable conditions for fast and safe transport of commodity, helping save your time and cost. 

Strengths of all-in workshop & warehouse removal service by Saigon Taxi Trucks :

  • Elevating and craning industrial machinery
  • Disassembling, assembling and moving bulky machinery
  • Wiring and operating machinery as your request
  • Elevating and craning heavy equipment with self-propelled trucks 
  • Loading and unloading containers 
  • Carrying heavy things upstairs and downstairs 
  • Removing industrial sewage
  • Clearing out debris 

Our services are available for all needs of loading & unloading, transporting heavy bulky commodity in all terrains as requested. 

Transporting procedure:

Systematical transporting procedure: Information reception -> survey -> quotation -> contract -> execution -> take-over, payment and final settlement. It doesn’t take much time to wait, our professional consultants make a quotation immediately after seizing primary information. Especially, our skilled staff in related sections such as electrical, cold electrical, electronic engineering, computing, carpentry, packing, etc. can satisfy all your strict requirements.

Liabilities after transport:

  • Any loss of commodity, broken stuff or damaged equipment during the transport shall be compensated on market rate at the time of transport.
  • We can meet all requirements in terms of time, progress, and safety.
  • Time: 24/24 services, inclusive of holidays and Sundays.
  • Progress: for an office of 30 desks, computers and stationery, we can finish the removal of all office equipment to new location and arrange them in lunchtime (transport within the city).
  • Safety: we shall buy 100% cargo insurance for all your properties in accordance with the asset inventory.
  • After our surveyor acknowledges your removed properties with his/her signature, you just give the key to the leader of group of transport. After that, all your asset will be moved to new location in compliance with your requirements. If any loss or damages of a small thing are detected, we will compensate 100% of its value or repair it. You can feel assured with our service.